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Working with Michal and her teaching

Michal Levin has a very special gift. Intuitively she guides those who seek her help to shift and move on from a place where they are experiencing pain to one where they will have an opportunity to find peace and fulfilment. I know because she did it for me. Anne Robinson, Television Presenter, UK

In modern medical practice we are engaged in the development of sensing devices that we attach to our patients. Michal, however, demonstrates ways of knowing that outstrip even our most sophisticated electronic devices, ways in which the innate sensitivity of human beings vastly surpasses machines. Her heightened awareness is an example of what is possible and indicates the direction for us to grow fully as individuals, and compassionate caregivers. She teaches that the instrument we most need to develop is ourselves, and she teaches us how to realize this. Charles Palmer MB ChB, Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Children's Hospital

Working with Michal Levin has given me a fundamental connection to self, a solid foundation on which to grow ... I left (a retreat) with feelings of peace, joy and laughter, and a firm commitment to return again. Brenda Brown, UK

My friend Michal Levin is a guide to the ultimate secret, the secret of who and what you truly are ... in the deepest, highest, part of youKen Wilber, Author, Philosopher, USA

Michal Levin provides an inspired map that guides many on their way to further explorations. Deepak Chopra, USA

My experience working with Michal has been a slow journey. Slow like a caravan traipsing across the countryside, its banners waving in the wind, frequently stopping, in no rush to be anywhere in particular. Slow like the procession of the seasons. Slow like being waist-deep in some rich and detailed fiction I constantly pick-up, read a few pages and place down again to absorb the steady trickle of new perspectives and insights on ordinary things I've never considered before. Michal is the J.R.R. Tolkien of the soul. Placing the MIMs into my own energy has expanded my breadth, width and depth. There are no fireworks. Those have their place, but silence is for the every day. And, when I find myself sitting in silence, I feel like I am sitting inside an MIM. My internal world is now softer, with more nuance and texture, a permanent golden hour of stillness I return to again and again. Brett Denbow, USA

To say that Michal offers 'a journey into the heart' is one thing. To begin to know in your heart what that might begin to mean is another. And when you do begin to know, in a way that is impossible for me to articulate, everything ­ relationships, work, family, shopping at the supermarket ­ begins to change, even as it may very well stay the same. It is an unfolding journey into true clarity, and I am profoundly grateful for it. Victoria Trow, UK USA

Michal is one of the most extraordinary teachers that I've ever worked with. She has helped me to identify and develop my “growing edge” and put it in the context of both personal and professional aspirations. Andres Edwards, author, educator, USA

Michal Levin's teachings have enriched every aspect of my life. What a joy to discover and explore deeper ways of seeing and being, a process that goes on and on. I was asleep. Michal, with generosity, kindness and humility, has woken me up to an expanded awareness, and my own understanding of spirituality. Ros Ward, TV & Radio Producer, UK

The world of energies and healing can seem rather complex and confusing when you first come to it. I certainly found it so, and it took me many years to find my feet and get to a point where I felt I could more confidently discern what was going on and what was being offered by individuals. Michal Levin is the most effective healer I have come across, bar none. By this I mean that she has a genuine energy to offer that has unravelled deep blocks within me ­ and this has been through the sound of her voice on CD and the simple exercises included. It is intangible, but absolutely effective. Moreover, she is meticulous about keeping the energy she offers utterly separate from any unhealthy dependency that might make her work attractive to individuals in the wrong way. Her work is selfless and really, really valuable. If you are the slightest bit drawn to what she offers, I strongly encourage you to have a go working with her energies in some way. I don't write this endorsement lightly. To my mind, the effectiveness and value of her work is not opinion, but a factual truth that is frustratingly just beyond common acceptance and comprehension at this moment in time. Alexander Cheetham Trader, Charity Executive, former Officer HM Armed Forces

Monthly Intuitive Message

(referred to here by its former name the ELU)

I feel as if I am having a session with you when I hear it (the ELU) ­ and just reading the words is very powerful too. I can't join the LinkUp on Sundays because of other commitments, but I turn to it often each week. It seems to bring me strength and clarity. I've written in the past about how you seem to "know" what is happening in my life. This week the images of the snakes and the sand were so appropriate to my current issue. After living with the ELU for a few days I knew what I needed to do! Thank you ­ it's really effective.

MP, Europe

I just want to extend my deep appreciation for your Energy LinkUp. I didn't know what to expect from something called "ELU," but I've been totally amazed by its power. At first, I thought 'okay, it's nice to get some energy connections.' But in fact, these 'poems' ­ more like Zen koans ­ have exerted a strong and positive influence in my life each week.

For me, the 'poems/koans' carry an undeniable ability to open new doors, expand my creativity, discover more personal solidity and resolve, as well as many more surprises. So now, a couple of times each week, I turn to the ELU. Each time I do this, I experience a kind of profound magic, as if a pure remedy has entered my being.

Thank you so much for the huge difference this is making in my life.

RAR, United States

Thank you for another exquisite experience ­ very appropriate on the eve of the storm. I love the imagery you conjure to express these subtle and mysterious energies that need help in moving to their right places within and around us. Again ­ a wholly strengthening experience.


Michal Levin's online course: The Soul’s Path

The very successful previous online course Step One

Whether you are seeking personal transformation or to increase your experience of well being, Michal is a deeply caring and profoundly wise guide. Her multi­faceted Soul's Path programme supports participants in significantly shifting their energy and experience of life through deceptively simple daily practice. The connection with a spiritual friend and other participants, adds to the enjoyment and richness of the experience.

Gill Avery, Co­founder Consulting Women

Michal’s Circle

The monthly meeting by phone has become a special time for me. It took a few years for me to embrace this particular way of learning. I had to overcome a lot of inner resistance to just be present for the calls. I persisted as part of me craved this experience. The Circle Group has been instrumental in helping me embrace the interconnectedness of all things. I began to know those in the group as so very similar to me - even though we are each very different and we share our experiences with one another, in trust. We are growing together, and I feel nurtured and strengthened by the talks. After the last four to five calls, I have been feeling something else, that I can only describe as peace and a quiet joy.

Anna Frost, Australia

You do not say that the Circle is about healing, but I would like to acknowledge the power of your vibration on our last Circle call. After the call I noticed my system was really buzzing. It felt like my body was being enlivened and energized and my vision seemed clearer too. I often notice this effect after the calls, and it lasts, but this time was especially strong. Interesting that the call was about "Teachers and Healers"! Thank you for your healing, and your teaching."

Tina Bearham, Homemaker, UK

I want to express my appreciation after many years of working with Michal. This work seeps into you deeper and deeper each time you encounter it. Sometimes you make a series of small steps forward, sometimes a leap in understanding. It demands both courage and fidelity but the return is an ability both to reach and receive a joy that transforms you to your core and changes your inner and outer landscape irrevocably."

Caroline Ward, Designer

“I've loved the sessions so far this year. The telegroup has been really illuminating for me and I've felt myself opening in new ways”

Ros Ward, Radio Producer

“Both the individual and general collective feedback from Michal was extremely useful, not just for one's own particular issues but it was also most insightful to hear the feedback for the other participants – there was invariably something in other participants issues which resonated with me in my own life.”

David Lewis, Consultant.

“Listening to what was happening with the others often sparked off related issues of my own. I would find tears rolling down my face as a distant voice from thousands of miles away told of a new realisation that would change the way they thought about some past hurt or current situation. The sense of the support of the other members of the group was palpable and the feeling of connection grew throughout the series.

After each session we were given ‘homework' and this really created a focus helping me to be more and more mindful of my own thoughts, feelings and actions in everyday life. So it truly put the onus on me to do the necessary work – a very good thing as it turns out!

I have certainly changed and grown through the sessions and the process continues several months after that last one. I'm really looking forward to participating in the next series. It is an incredibly effective way of working with Michal.”

Sue Arnold, Musician/Teacher


After retreats with Michal I feel as though I have bathed in healing waters - I am uplifted, inspired and connected. The time spent in this special environment is full of growth and shared joy, making new friends and reconnecting with old on this path that we share. The meditations and singing around the campfire, the soothing sounds of water, good food and the joy of being with Michal and my values family - it’s just a few days, but I return to my everyday life feeling renewed, strengthened and balanced.

Felicity Crush, Graphic Artist, USA

The Spring retreat with Michal was a deeply enriching experience, a tapestry of meditations, conversations, and connections, all taking place in a beautiful Mill and lakeside setting in Northern France. Not only an opportunity for stillness and expansiveness, but also a profound experience of interconnection, an exploration of how each of us can contribute to real change in ourselves and our world. Michal's extraordinary intuitive reach draws us, simultaneously, towards groundedness and transcendence, and so invites us to live a more integrated and interconnected life.

Graham Lee Executive coach and psychotherapist. Author


I really got a lot from the meditation technique that Michal shared with us. Having used the Vispasanna technique on a regular basis prior to this weekend, I realise now I was only getting half the picture. I look forward to what lies ahead. Thanks.

Beverley Randall Performance Consultant

Michal, her writings and her teachings have been widely recognized since the 1990s and are endorsed by a wealth of successful and high profile individuals across the world. Here are some examples:

Deepak Chopra Author: Grow Younger, Live Longer and Quantum Healing, etc. : Michal Levin provides an inspired map that guides many on their way to further explorations.

Anne Robinson TV presenter: "Weakest Link," etc : Michal Levin has a very special gift. Intuitively she guides those who seek her help to shift and move on from a place where they are experiencing pain to one where they will have an opportunity to find peace and fulfilment. I know because she did it for me.

Larry Dossey, M.D. Author: Healing Beyond the Body, Rejuvenating Medicine, and Healing Words, etc. : Michal Levin is a national treasure.

James Redfield Author: Celestine Prophecy : Michal Levin is one of the world's foremost teachers of energy ­ sensing, interpreting, and working with energy. When you learn from her and practice her wisdom, you open the doors to soul and spirit, and develop your multiple ways of knowing. Michal's also a superb intuitive mentor for your personal guidance and growth. Her skills, insight, and integrity are extraordinary.

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