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"Working with Michal Levin has given me a fundamental connection to self, a solid foundation on which to grow"  - Brenda Brown, UK

There are several ways to work with me, and with my teaching.

• Retreat

• Monthly Intuitive Message

. Heal Yourself Heal Our World

• One to One Intuitive Readings

• The Soul's Path - my online course

• Michal’s Circle

• LEAP Meditation Groups

JUNE 24 2021 4.30 pm BST. A free event - ANY QUESTIONS ANY ANSWERS WITH MICHAL. Please join me to answer any question you’d like to put about your life, our lives! This event comes soon after the summer solstice and we will be entering the second half of the year. What a momentous year- and a momentous year after a momentous year.  Would you like to know how to make the best of the coming months? How to navigate towards your longer-term future? What sense to make of the last year? Or more specific issues with problems you’re facing? Please send me your questions on any topic you’d like and I will choose as many as possible to answer. There may also be an opportunity for some live interaction - but let’s see what the situation allows.

Don’t forget- we all learn from one another’s questions. There’ll be lots of input here for you. For a ticket and a link to the event, please email consultations@michallevin.com. Please send your questions to : consultations@MichalLevin.com. See you there!


For those who want to dive deeper, learn more here

Monthly Intuitive Message

Around the 17th of each month I write an Intuitive Message for Institute members and subscribers. My Intuitive Message - that you can read or preferably listen to - acts as a guide and a compass, a powerful tool to help you approach the month ahead in the most productive way possible. Everyone hears the message a little differently. It can give you the answers you need for problems with relationships, creativity, spirituality, family, work or something quite different. I hope it will bring you strength and enchant you. Learn more here

Heal Yourself, Heal Our World - conference call series

A series of conference calls with me in 2018 and 2019 giving us the opportunity to connect directly and to ask questions.

In 2018 and 2019 I offered a series of special calls dedicated to healing: Heal Yourself, Heal our World. Each call offered a chance for you to put your questions and speak directly with me.

I believe strongly that both growth and healing, and the integration they always involve are essential, inspiring parts of being alive. It is healing and growth that help so much to make life continuously fresh and joyful. Your individual healing, and the growth that inspires, is essential to the healing of our world that we are all so passionate about.

There are no further Healing Calls planned but you can still purchase retrospective tickets to listen to the recordings of the Healing Calls and there are two recordings available to purchase and download in my shop.

One to One Intuitive Readings

I offer a limited number of individual intuitive readings by phone. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information about this:  Michal@Michal.uk.com  I look forward to connecting.

The Online Course

Michal Levin: The Soul's Path. If you are troubled by relationships, or want to develop your intuition, are looking for meaning and purpose in life, or spiritual growth, this is for you. My course is an interactive, comprehensive, profound study course based on my teachings and writings. The Soul's Path aims to awaken your ability to sense energy both within yourself and in the environment. Then it teaches you how to interpret that energy, and to work with its effects in every area of your life, to enable better relationships, the development of your intuition and your authenticity and a host of other really important benefits. Find out more here.

Once you have completed The Soul's Path successfully, you'll receive an invitation to join Michal's Circle (see below).

Michal's Circle

Michal’s Circle is my Master Class. This is the place for real personal growth and development in all areas of your life. It is where I work with you, in a group on the phone.  We follow a course of both structured learning - from energetic development, to relationships, to world events - and open discussion. It’s an opportunity for everyone to put any questions they like to me and share with a like-minded group. There's nothing that won't be discussed and studied in the Circle. This group is now a closed group.

LEAP Meditation Groups

These groups are currently suspended due to Covid but there is a virtual online LEAP meditation or contemplation lead by Hilary Pearson hilary@michallevin.com, at 5.30pm UK time on the first Saturday of the month and at 9.30am UK time on the third Saturday of the month. To join, you need to have completed The Soul's Path or to have worked with me in some way.

Join a group meditation, and learn LEAP, my meditation process.

Life Energy Activation Process, or LEAP, is an energy clearing meditation. It is deceptively simple and immensely powerful. This very special guided meditation balances energy and helps to align and clear our chakras. Small LEAP meditation groups, led by people who have worked with me for many years, are being held in the UK and US. For more info please email Hilary (hilary@michallevin.com) about the London, UK, group and Felicity (felicity@michallevin.com) about The San Francisco Bay Area group, US.

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