Michal Levin: The Soul's Path

The Soul’s Path - What is it about?

The Course is based on my teachings and writings. It aims to awaken your ability to sense and interpret energy within yourself and your environment.

That, in turn, helps develop your sense of self, your authenticity and creativity and leads to enhanced relationships in all areas of life. It teaches you how to develop your intuition, and really listen deeply to the whispering of your soul.

How is The Soul's Path structured?

The course is a series of ten modules.

The modules are not just ten lectures however, The Soul's Path is highly experiential, and challenges you to go further. Core to each module is a set of exercises I have designed to provoke thought, development and understanding. Your commitment to these exercises is key to your development.

With your commitment, my course teaches ways to access and to work with your energy, and the energy around you, both for your own personal development and for the greater good. It addresses the primary questions of how to become more authentic, more aligned, and more appropriately powerful through an understanding of these energies.

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How is it taught?

The Soul's Path is delivered in ten modules, one every two weeks. It consists of written and audio material, some of it never before released.

As soon as your start date arrives The Soul's Path materials begin to arrive as downloads in your inbox. After you receive the first module, materials for subsequent modules will arrive in your inbox at 14 day intervals (although you may take longer to complete each module if you wish - the material is available to you for 10 months).

There will be a group of other course participants who will be studying at the same time as you. These people will have chosen this time to do the course because they are facing similar issues to you, or have similar desires for personal growth and development for example. You will be sharing the same path, and there will be opportunities to connect with them and share experiences.

To support you, and facilitate group development, my course has another unique, and invaluable feature - although it is designed as a self-study course, as you work through the material that I have chosen, there is a special opportunity for you to be in telephone contact with a “Friend”.

This will be one of a number of amazing people who have worked with me, in some cases for more than 15 years, and who are offering, at no charge, to act as Friends to those studying

Click here to see their biographies and photos.

So, when you sign up, you will be allocated a Friend and join a small group. Your Friend will help his or her group to share experiences and grow together. The course schedule allows for four calls with your Friend and group. Clearly though, if you would rather make your own way through the material, and for your path to be private then that is fine. Your Friend will contact you by email occasionally with no obligation for you to reply.

For more detailed information about The Soul’s Path click here.

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