Michal's Groups

Intensive Groups

These groups bring together participants who may have done a considerable amount of work in this area, in different ways, already. Or not.  They could also perhaps work with others in a teaching, therapeutic or mentoring role, or be practitioners, philanthropists, or come from the worlds of finance, medicine, creative arts, or something completely different!  All are welcome.

These groups are for up to four people who want to work intensively on a structured curriculum with me. We go very deep.  I encourage real depth in everyone's contributions, and in the quality of our interactions.  Participants form particularly strong bonds (all group members form strong bonds) and support one another. The group meets monthly on the telephone/over the web.  Homework assignments are involved.

Working with Michal has been a real eye-opener; a journey of self-discovery and learning. Michal is an extraordinary teacher and mentor whose approach is different to any I have experienced before. She guides rather than prescribes, holding up a mirror to each and every one of us thereby tailoring the work to the individual’s own truth. She encourages self-knowledge and growth within a framework of deeply impactful and shared values that connect all who work with her, bringing us together in what can only be called a family. I feel blessed to have experienced the benefits of working with Michal in a small group and have learned as much from the shared experiences of others as I have from my own work. This work is strongly spiritual, intensely emotional, satisfyingly intellectual and profoundly practical; quite a rare combination indeed that translates into a rewarding impact on the everyday. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with Michal. Nadine Hasan UK, MBA Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar); BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics Oxford University; Mother of 4

I have been part of an Intensive group working with Michal for the past 15 months. Working in this way with Michal is indeed intense; it's deep and powerful work that evades description. I have had to dig deep and challenge my own established beliefs and perspectives in order to really explore and seek to answer the questions that Michal poses.  What I can say is that I now see the world through different eyes and listen with different ears. I am kinder on myself, others and the earth; I am also clearer on my own values and boundaries and much better at holding to both. Michal's energy opens paths for learning in ways that I have not met before.

I can truly recommend this work if you have the opportunity to take part in a group. Moira Siddons UK, FCA; ex PwC partner; non Exec Director; Coach and Mentor

Home Groups

These are larger groups of up to about ten people who again work on a structured curriculum, meeting monthly on the telephone/web.  The groups can include those people in the early stages of their journey. At the same time they are valuable to those who have done considerable work in this area who want to hear more as the material often reveals more on repeat encounters. Participants are able to form strong bonds and to support one another.  Again, homework assignments are involved.

I started my journey with Michal almost 2 years ago with the intention of achieving spiritual growth as well as understanding and improving myself.  I started with the group sessions which I very much look forward to every month. I feel that this session fills my bucket for the whole month. The work we do starts with Michal highlighting the values she stands for that we, her students, deeply connect with as well. We get to share intimate experiences and stories while discovering our values together. This safe space created a beautiful sense of community among us that we all cherish very much. Michal has a special way of connecting to each and every one of us, even if we have never met in person. She gives us very precise feedback with deep understanding of our specific situations and needs, which makes me feel that she has known me for a lifetime. Through the work and guidance she gives us, I feel like I have been peeling the layers of an onion, getting to know myself through her teachings and wisdom, without becoming overly dependent on her.  I feel that having Michal in my life has motivated me to do the work and give the time needed for my spiritual growth. It has helped me start the journey of understand and loving myself and I very much look forward to continuing on this path. Salwa Katkhuda, Amman Jordan, Mother of 3; MBA; Co-founder and Head of Strategy and Growth at Little Thinking Minds (edTech)

Even though, I have worked with Michal for many years, the Home course provided a new and rich dimension in which to see and understand my life and how I engage with the world.  The work challenged me, and it has provided deep rewards and a different perspective in which to grow from. Jacqueline Gormanly, Cambridge UK  Project Programme Management / MSc Business Systems Analysis and Design

I joined the Home 2 group with some trepidation as it was via the Internet, as I prefer to be able to be present physically with others and see them, but now have got used to this method, fortunately, due to (Covid) circumstances. In participating in these group sessions, I have been able to revisit Michal’s teachings, re-explore the meanings and the depths of the Values and Chakra systems, so important as anchors to hold on to in this swiftly-changing world, and by Michal’s perceptive and challenging questioning, I have felt able to go deeper and clarify what I hold as beliefs, and truths, and why; to see where I stand and my sense of progressing in the areas I feel I need to.  Very important too is the generous sharing with the other members of the group of their experience and views, and by all this, I have been able to pose serious questions to myself, see clearer, and strengthen and renew my allegiance to the Values and to the Light.

I feel immensely fortunate to be living at a time where I am able to connect with such an outstanding teacher and sage as Michal, and receive through her teachings her message and transmission of Learning, Light and Love.  If you want to explore a wider and deeper way of seeing things and of being, and not remain stuck with certain perceptions, and willing to learn and grow towards being as best as you can, then I thoroughly recommend these Home groups.  I am deeply thankful to Michal. Carol Athuil, BA (Hons), Savoie France; Hospital and Hospice Therapeutic Masseur; Course Co-ordinator London School Economics.

The Circle Group

In the Circle group (closed to new members at the moment) we follow a structured curriculum (see some of the subjects we have covered). It is a masterclass. Members are set homework every month, though it's voluntary, and we discuss the results. In the Circle you go deep into yourself while at the same time learning from each other and sharing the human condition. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to put any questions to me, listen to my teaching, and bond with others.

What People Say about Michal's Circle

"The monthly meeting by phone has become a special time for me. It took a few years for me to embrace this particular way of learning. I had to overcome a lot of inner resistance to just be present for the calls. I persisted as part of me craved this experience. The Circle Group has been instrumental in helping me embrace the interconnectedness of all things. I began to know those in the group as so very similar to me - even though we are each very different and we share our experiences with one another, in trust. We are growing together, and I feel nurtured and strengthened by the talks. After the last four to five calls, I have been feeling something else, that I can only describe as peace and a quiet joy." Anna Frost, Australia

"You do not say that the Circle is about healing, but I would like to acknowledge the power of your vibration on our last Circle call. After the call I noticed my system was really buzzing. It felt like my body was being enlivened and energized and my vision seemed clearer too. I often notice this effect after the calls, and it lasts, but this time was especially strong. Interesting that the call was about "Teachers and Healers"! Thank you for your healing, and your teaching." Tina Bearham, UK

I want to express my appreciation after many years of working with Michal. This work seeps into you deeper and deeper each time you encounter it. Sometimes you make a series of small steps forward, sometimes a leap in understanding. It demands both courage and fidelity but the return is an ability both to reach and receive a joy that transforms you to your core and changes your inner and outer landscape irrevocably." Caroline Ward, UK

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