The last few months have been very eventful for me. One of the nicest, most uplifting and simply joyous events was a trip to California. Part of my stay there was dedicated to the marriage of a very dear client and friend who kindly asked me to officiate at his wedding. I was honoured to accept.

The occasion itself was glorious. The ceremony took place on a roof top in San Francisco, the sun shone, perhaps a little more wind than necessary blew, but the sky was absolutely clear and it felt as if the heavens were beaming down on us. 

It was so special!

Preparing for the ceremony was a marvellous opportunity for me to think about marriage and what it means. Traditionally this is the basis for the family, and it led me to thinking about our Values Family, and what that means. I’d like to share with you the first part of what I wrote for the marriage ceremony, then a little more about our Values Family.

I had to explain what qualified me to talk about marriage first!

“…. Suffice to say I am not married, though I have been. I have two married children, four grandchildren and over the course of the last 25 years I have worked as an intuitive with a huge number of people in all sorts of marital situations. I’ve seen it all, you might say.

The first point is really obvious, but sometimes forgotten.  Marriage is enormously powerful. Marriage has the power to set the tone of your whole life. If a marriage is strong, even if one or other or both partners are surrounded by horrible, troublesome circumstances, it gives a huge strength that enables both to face the world with courage, come what may.

How does it do that? Crucially, marriage is the celebration of the intention of permanence, before it is anything else.  

In an age where marriage does not matter, supposedly, or make a difference anymore, marriage stands out- like a high hill, like a mountain peak- can you reach the top, can you make it to the summit?

In any relationship, there are times when the going gets tough and love seems to vanish. When that happens in a marriage it becomes enormously important to hold onto the fact that marriage is more than a contract. To use an old, Biblical word it is a covenant.   

 A covenant is not simply a contract. A covenant refers to two or more parties being bound together. This idea of binding, or establishing a bond between two parties carries with it the concept of “cleaving,” or holding together.

The expression tying the knot, actually says a great deal. Its of Celtic, pagan origin, and refers to a ceremony where the bride and groom’s hands were tied together for a pre-marriage "trial" that lasted one year plus one day. 

The couple promised to stay together for that time, for a year and a day. Then, if the would be husband and wife decided after that year and a day that they were not for each other, they would part.  If not, if the pair decided they wanted to stay together, then the marriage became legal, and they were then bound to one another forever.” 

I spoke more at the ceremony, but that's enough for now.

Now- if that sounds as if I am against divorce, let’s settle that quickly.  I am not against divorce, at all. Sometimes there is a need to part, to move on, to grow further, separately. All the very difficult rules of kindness and compassion come into play then. Divorce calls for real maturity, but a “good divorce” is certainly possible, sometimes necessary, though it may always bring sadness, sometimes-huge sadness. But it isn’t divorce I want to talk about here. I want to talk about establishing a bond, holding together: the aim to stay together forever.

Just as I say above, marriage is, or can be, an incredible source of strength. But marriage is not the only bond that can provide that sort of strength. The family you are born into, birth family has many advantages, as well as sometimes posing many complications. You don’t choose your birth family (though it might be a karmic choice but that’s another subject)- but you can choose your Values Family. One of my students, Jacqueline Gormanly, writes below about what the Values family means to her. 

Our Values Family is composed of all of us who aspire to share values.  We have tried to create, and are creating a bond that promises “forever” when we pledge allegiance to our Values Family.  That bond can be an enormous source of strength and support.

Some of the Values Family on the beach after a recent gathering in Brighton, UK.

Of course it may not happen quickly. It has its ups and downs. It’s complex, but, at base, it is a huge source of strength, and it’s enduring. How do you join our Values Family? 

Simply because you want to, and you participate, doing your best to share our values. That may mean something as simple as subscribing to the MIM, perhaps it’s joining a healing call, its wonderful when it means meditating together, an individual session can be very valuable, the Circle Group works hard on values and growth, and of course from time to time there is a retreat (see details below). We have just had a Values Family day in Brighton. If you haven’t had an invitation but would like to join in the future, please send an email to consultations@Michallevin.com.

If you are not already part of it, I look forward very much to embracing you into our Values Family.  I want to repeat how much I value, respect, admire and love all those who are part of the Values Family, whom I work together with, to share values, and grow to become the best we can, for our own benefit and for the benefit of the world.

With love and best wishes


In the newsletter this time, Jacqueline Gormanly writes about what the Values Family means to her:

The concept of Values Family was new to me until I began working with Michal eight years ago. It offers so much — in a way I never thought possible. My model of family was based on my birth family and like many, a somewhat dysfunctional model.

From the Values Family there is consistent love, support and acceptance. I am seen and accepted for who I am, that includes the ever changing me, as with this work we are constantly changing and growing. Also this work allows me to tap into the essence of who I am and that which is always constant — my light and my potential. In that sense the Values Family gives me the space and permission to step into and occupy the fullest of who I am.

When we meet there’s an easiness, a lightness and a deep joy to spend time in each other’s company. For me that’s a remarkable and wonderful gift.

Some of the Values Family at a retreat in Normandy, France.

Members of the Values Family enjoying tea during a retreat in Normandy, France.

Nourishment for the body and soul ....

The support of a retreat offers the space to grow in a deeply supportive and beautiful environment, and the special joy of connecting with those who share your values. Due to last minute cancellations, places have opened up on this years retreat in Normandy, France. We will be exploring Resolving Family Karma - an important part of the path for us all - and moving forward into Joy and Light. Learn more here

Michal will also be talking about moving forward. She will be offering new ideas and fresh strategies to uncover the way ahead on the next level of the journey. Do hope you can come! If you would like to join, please email consultations@michallevin.com

Training - LEAP chakra meditation, letting go of old patterns

For the first time in several years, Michal is teaching the LEAP chakra meditation, a special practice that balances energy and helps to align and clear the chakras, erasing the blockages that keep you locked in old and unhappy patterns. Over two days, she will guide you to use this unique and powerful meditation for your personal practice. Learn more here

Part I - May 19th, central London or July 14th, Brighton

Part II - July 21st, central London or Sept 8th, Brighton - to all those who are ready, by invitation. (If you purchase Parts 1 & 2 together and are not ready to follow with Part 2 immediately, your money will be refunded in full.)

We hope that you enjoy reading this and as always, please pass this newsletter on to anyone you feel would be interested, who may wish to join the Values Family.

Wishing you a very happy season, wherever you are in the world.