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Happy New Year, though January seems to be racing away from us already.

I sense a new mood, and it’s not just the fact of embarking on a new year, but rather that there has been a shift in the energy of our planet, and I believe that shift is going to continue.

It coincides with a small step I decided to take at the end of last year, and have now decided to build on. The small step was to offer a conference call called “Heal Yourself, Heal the World” to everyone, and invite questions before the call and interaction on the call.

It was a wonderful experience. I felt energised and uplifted afterwards. I also received several lovely emails from many of those on the call confirming that they shared the same reaction. In the light of all that, I decided to make the calls a regular two monthly feature this year.  The next call is on Wednesday 24thJanuary at 8pm, UK time.

Meanwhile, I’d love to take the opportunity to share some extracts from the call with you. The extracts I’ve chosen are from the start of the call, setting up “where we were going”.

I hope you enjoy them.

Go well, be well,

Love and best wishes.



Connecting in 2018

January 24th, March 14th | Heal Yourself, Heal Our World special conference calls with Michal | register here

February 24th & 27th | Michal in San Francisco Bay Area, USA Join Michal in person for Heal Yourself, Heal Our World events | register here and here

January 20th, February 17th, March 17th | London LEAP meditation group for more info email us here

January 21st | Bay Area LEAP meditation group for more info email us here

May 31st - June 4th | Retreat with Michal in France Resolving Family Karma, Moving Forward into Joy and Light for more info

Coming soon.... The Way, paperback edition, read about the book here

To Heal is to become whole ....

Healing is to do with becoming whole. Healing for all of us is a marriage of the light and the dark. Healing is never “ah, well I’m completely healed now, I live in this joyful, wonderful world and only good things come my way, and I only see good things.” The dark, you remember, is not just evil nasty things out there, or wicked impulses in ourselves. It’s our weaknesses, our despair, our depression, the places where we’re locked, and in many ways it reflects our karma, as well as current environmental circumstances.

Healing is the marriage of our dark with our light; and the light is the enormous capacity that we all hold. The expansion of the light and the marriage of the light with the dark and the gradual disabling of the dark - that’s healing. Now that is personal, individual work.  It is not simply sitting in meditation. It is what you do in every single day.  It is how you react to every single circumstance.

Question: ‘How can one heal the wider collective?’

Healing of the wider collective starts with the healing of oneself.  And once you are working on healing yourself, it’s inevitable that you will see an expansion in healing yourself, if you are able to reach out to others; that is the wider collective.


Question: ‘In order to heal, do I need to work through the challenges, or is the desire to be healed, to be free from pain, sufficient? Sometimes it can be too painful or too big to address.  Can I do this for others?  Is intention and prayer enough or are there more effective ways to heal?’ 

To heal is to become whole. Life is always light and dark, always has elements of sorrow as well as joy, it’s a real question though - how much of each quality?  The desire to be pain free is not enough.  Now, what to do?

Well that’s situation specific.

Intention and prayer are always situation specific. In some situations, intention and prayer are very effective ways to heal, and later they may or may not be followed by action.  So, for example, if you’re looking at a family rift, or a rift with another individual, and you feel that there is nothing that can be done by interacting any longer. Holding the intention to heal the rift, and praying for healing, reaching out on a higher plane to the other’s higher, is a great thing to be doing.  But one of the reasons that it’s such a great thing to be doing, is that it will be changing you, and in changing you, you will change the potential for interaction, as well as, if you’re lucky, reaching the other.

At the same time, if you are doing something, or involved in something, and you feel overwhelmed, or indeed, affected by the pain, simply praying and intending for it to stop, is not enough. You’re actually required to take action.  And to take that action, you may need to do the inner work to be able to act effectively. And ok, everyone’s always doing inner work, what’s so new or special about that?  Well, it’s the nature of the inner work, it’s how you do it, that matters. The inner work is looking at your responses to the outside, it’s that constant awareness of what you are doing, or what you’re not doing.


In the coming time, we are going to continue to need real support in finding balance and finding our way through this extraordinary transformation that’s occurring and will go on for some years now…..we will certainly all get better at dealing with it if we are all metaphorically speaking and in energetic reality, holding hands, holding together.



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There are many ways to connect in the new year.

For those in the US, Michal will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area in February and offering in person Heal Yourself, Heal Our World events in San Francisco and Marin County. For a deeper dive, this year’s retreat with Michal in France explores the theme Resolving Family Karma, Moving Forward into Joy and Light. Learn more.

Why not join one of the groups that meet monthly to practice the LEAP (Life Energy Activation Process) meditation, Michal’s powerful energy clearing meditation? These groups are led by people who have worked with Michal for many years. Newcomers and those with more experience are all welcome to join in a meditation session followed by listening to, and contemplating Michal’s latest MIM (Monthly Intuitive Message). If you would like to try it out please contact (London) or (Bay Area).

"The Way", coming soon …

The Way - Cover (2)

This book serves as a tool to take the reader deeper into themselves, deeper perhaps into another domain, another level of reality…..where the inside and the outside merge. A collection of 12 Monthly Intuitive Messages, originally published as an ebook and coming soon as a pocketbook companion to dip into for guidance throughout the year.  Read about the e-version of The Way here and find out more about Michal’s Monthly Intuitive Message here.

Michal’s online course

The Soul’s Path is an interactive online study course. If you have problems with relationships, want to develop your intuition, go deeper into spirituality, encourage your creativity, find meaning and purpose in life, or address a host of other issues, this is the place for you….read more


IMG_1518 - Version 3Come and join Michal at her early summer retreat - Resolving Family Karma, Moving Forward into Joy and Light, at the beautiful Mill in Normandy, France, from May 31st to June 4th (or for 3 days to the 3rd June). There will be daily teaching sessions with Michal, meditations with the group, yoga exercises, daily walks, creative activities, evening campfires and delicious food as well as plenty of time to relax.

After last year, one newcomer wrote:

"Working with Michal Levin has given me a fundamental connection to self, a solid foundation on which to grow… I left with feelings of peace, joy and laughter, and a firm commitment to return again."  - Brenda Brown, UK

Find out more about the retreat here

As always, please pass on this newsletter to anyone you feel would be interested, who may wish to join the Values Family.

Wishing you a very joyful new year, wherever you are in the world.

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