LEAP Meditation

Michal's LEAP Chakra Meditation

The LEAP chakra meditation is a wonderful way to effect deep and lasting change.

LEAP is Michal's energy clearing meditation. Life Energy Activation Process (LEAP) is deceptively simple and immensely powerful. The purpose of this very special meditation is to gain access to clear and balance the chakras and so the body's energy. In this way it helps with releasing the elements of personal history that have settled in the form of obstacles, marks, or blockages in our energy. With this release, the implications for health and wellbeing are profound. Change becomes inevitable. Leap helps us to stop repeating old, painful behaviour patterns and create new behaviours that bring more joy and love.

Small LEAP meditation groups, led by people who have worked with Michal for many years, are being held in the UK and US. For more info please email Hilary (hilary@michallevin.com) or Felicity (felicitycrush@mac.com) about the San Francisco Bay Area, US group.

There is a twice monthly online meditation for all who work with Michal or share her values; on the 1st Saturday of the month at 5.30pm UK time and on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9.30am UK time. The meditation is usually led by Hilary with an opening prayer specially written each month by Michal, followed by Michal's Roots visualisation (which you can find on YouTube) and then a 30 minute LEAP meditation. If you are not familiar with LEAP then you can do a contemplation instead. Just one caveat: no other form of meditation or visualisation is suitable as it could distract from the group. Please contact Hilary (hilary@michallevin.com) if you would like to join.

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