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Michal's LEAP Chakra Meditation

The LEAP chakra meditation is the best way to effect deep and lasting change.

LEAP is Michal's energy clearing meditation. Life Energy Activation Process (LEAP) is deceptively simple and immensely powerful. The purpose of this very special meditation is to gain access to and balance the chakras and thereby the body's energy. This helps with releasing the elements of personal history that have settled in the form of obstacles, marks, or blockages in one's energy. With this release, the implications for health and wellbeing are profound. Change becomes inevitable. Leap helps us to stop repeating old, painful behaviour patterns and create new behaviours that bring more joy and love.

LEAP Chakra Meditation Training with Michal 2018

Part 1 on July 14th (Brighton); Part 2 on 8th September (Brighton), for all those who are ready, by invitation. (If you purchase Parts 1 & 2 together and are not ready to follow with Part 2 immediately, your money will be refunded in full.)

Cost: each training day costs £220.00 individually, or to pay for both together the cost is £420.00 

SIGN UP HERE and mark your payment as 'meditation training' with location (you must attend Part 1 before doing Part 2)

For the first time in several years, Michal will be teaching this practice in person. Over two days, she will guide and empower you to use this unique meditation for your personal practice. She says that it is rare that she meets anyone who cannot benefit from the LEAP chakra meditation - from beginners to long-time practitioners (if you are a meditation teacher and want to learn this practice, please contact us). Practising this meditation regularly is a very positive step that you can take towards healing yourself and is a vital contribution to the healing of our world, we all want so much.

The course will be taught in two parts. If you live outside the UK and are consequently unable to come, we are working on ways to offer LEAP to you  - please email consultations@michallevin.com and let us know your interest. If you are a meditation teacher and want to learn this practice, please contact us at consultations@michallevin.com.

Small LEAP meditation groups, led by people who have worked with Michal for many years, are being held in the UK and US. For more info please email Hilary (hilary@michallevin.com) about the London, UK group and Felicity (felicity@michallevin.com) about The San Francisco Bay Area group, US.

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