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In an Intuitive Reading I aim to offer you my perspective on you and your situation from the highest vantage point I can reach. Usually I begin with what I see as the most pressing issues facing you, and often how they developed. I aim to address the totality of who you are on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. I will ‘see’ your energy and the deepest issues, joys and obstacles within you. I will be able to see significant features of your past as well as your present, and to see what is happening on a subtle, energetic level which ultimately relates to events in your everyday reality.

I will do my best to help you see and understand the choices in front of you, in their broadest context, and to uncover options of how to go forward. I am never directive. You make your own choices, and you always remain responsible for those choices and the actions you take. I am happy to answer questions on any subject you want to raise, and encourage you to ask questions about everything I say.

A Reading with me will probably be significantly different to anything you have experienced before. That is largely because of the energetic vibration I offer. In talking to you I will be transmitting my energy, and offering you the finest energetic vibrations that I hold.

Clients find that a Reading touches them on many levels: some extremely practical, others more subtle. Relationships become clearer, work problems can be explored and solutions found. Sometimes there can be the release of a troubling issue or pattern that you have held for years. A Reading is a major commitment in all respects and can be both very intense and constructive. The effects are deep and long-lasting. You may find that in addition to working with your initial reasons for seeking me out, you have a new sense of purpose or way of making a positive contribution to the world.

In all my work, I adhere to fundamental, eternal values and come from a place that marries the dense and the fine, the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine. It is ultimately the place of Love. This Love is an authentic Love that is rooted in interconnection, and very far from the superficial expressions of love that we are all too often surrounded with.

My work has nothing to do with religion. I am open to all religions or faiths and none. I hope a Reading will open your heart in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Throughout, my deep commitment is to your wellbeing and to helping you in whatever way I can.

My clients are international and from a wide range of backgrounds. Readings are usually conducted over the phone, or internet. My intuition works just as well on the telephone as in person; indeed, telephone sessions are sometimes even more effective.

I look forward very much to connecting with you.

To enquire about a Reading, please send me an email at

Meanwhile, go well, be well.

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