About the Institute

A Community

The Michal Levin Institute is the online home of Michal’s teaching, and also of the community of people who have worked with her, or are interested in working with her.

The community has been drawn to Michal from all areas and walks of life. They range from academics and medics to mainstream professionals, to people who work as spiritual teachers themselves, or who work with energy (healers perhaps), to artists, to home makers and just about everyone else.

The Institute website includes a wealth of information about Michal and her teaching, offers tasters and snippets of her material and tells you about all the ways to work with Michal.

Ways to work with Michal include:

Michal’s Intuitive Message  - A timely and inspirational message from Michal posted monthly by the Institute

Online Course – Michal Levin: The Soul’s Path - A very comprehensive and profound online, interactive study course

Michal’s Circle - This is a masterclass with an international group. It's now closed but if you'd like to join a group with Michal please contact consultations@MichalLevin.com and we'll see what we can offer you.

Home 2 and Intensive Groups A/B - These are courses currently running which might be suitable for you.

Individual Readings  One to one intuitive readings that Michal offers from time to time.

Ways to keep in touch

To be the first to know when new original material is posted on the website, including newsletters, and extracts from Michal's Healing Calls which are regularly posted, as well as other pieces, and to be kept up to date of our events, please sign up here.

Friends of the Institute:

As well as offering unique access to Michal herself the Institute draws on the gifts of a special team of ‘Friends’: members of the Institute Community who have worked with Michal, often for considerable periods, and who have experienced profound changes themselves. They offer to share journeys and experiences with students taking The Soul's Path online course

The Institute is for everyone who is looking for real, lasting change, growth, joy and love in their lives.

If you would like more information please contact the Institute Team team@michallevininstitute.com

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