Healing Calls

Heal Yourself, Heal our World - conference call series

"Your healing at the end (of the call) was so very powerful for me. Thank you, and, of course, I thank all those who joined the call." - Anna Frost, Australia

This very successful series is taking a break and the new groups Home 2 and Intensive Groups A and B are becoming established. But you can buy copies of recordings - some are available for purchase here.

Listen to an extract from one of Michal's Healing Calls in which she talks about dealing with the pain at the end of a relationship:

Michal says: "So pain around, for example, a failed relationship - being grateful for all the good things in life now - will not necessarily resolve the pain about a failed relationship.  Having processed the relationship by which I mean having done your best to understand it; accepting that death, mourning it and having, as it were, a metaphorical funeral - with you in the relationship dying -  paves the way for the opening of the next phase."

and another extract from a Healing Call here (no charge):

Michal says, "I believe strongly that both growth and healing, and the integration they always involve are essential, inspiring parts of being alive. It is healing and growth that help so much to make life continuously fresh and joyful. Your individual healing, and the growth that inspires, is essential to the healing of our world that we are all so passionate about."

For any enquiries, please email consultations@michallevin.com

Thank you for your wonderful healing call. I slept very well and awoke feeling much more refreshed than lately. SC

Thank you. I really appreciated the session and loved the way we moved from exploring the big issues through the MIM to receive your exquisite healing.  Thank you. I'd love to join the next call - and any subsequent ones that are planned. GA

Thank you Michal - it was a really lovely experience. Even though it was my first time on a conference call, I found it easy to manage & it was fantastic to have connected with you and so many others at once. I have, in the meantime, signed up for the MIM again. Your recorded messages have previously helped me through some rather difficult times - I have listened to certain ones, repeatedly – they really gave me hope. Thank you - I’m now able to experience life with so much more joy & authenticity. It would be wonderful to connect with you on a regular basis, on conference calls and alike. SAT

I have just listened again to the recording and found it so very valuable to support and re-inforce the love and healing I received on the live meeting. Wonderful too to hear a few familiar voices and to enjoy the presence of the Values Family. Looking forward to more! SB

Having a regular call like this would be wonderful.  I want you to know that your healing at the end was so very powerful for me. Thank you, and, of course, I thank all who joined in the call.  AF

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