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Michal, her writing and her teachings are widely recognized and endorsed by a wealth of successful and high profile individuals across the world.

Here are some examples:

Deepak Chopra Author: Grow Younger, Live Longer and Quantum Healing, etc. : Michal Levin provides an inspired map that guides many on their way to further explorations.

Ken Wilber Author: A Theory of Everything, Sense and Soul, Integral Psychology, Grace and Grit, etc : My friend Michal Levin is a guide to the ultimate secret, the secret of who and what you truly the deepest part of you.

Anne Robinson TV presenter: "Weakest Link," etc : Michal Levin has a very special gift. Intuitively she guides those who seek her help to shift and move on from a place where they are experiencing pain to one where they will have an opportunity to find peace and fulfilment. I know because she did it for me.

Charles Palmer MB ChB, Professor of Pediatrics Chief Division of Newborn Medicine Penn State Children's Hospital : In modern medical practice we are engaged in the development of sensing devices that we attach to our patients. Michal, however, demonstrates ways of knowing that outstrip even our most sophisticated electronic devices, ways in which the innate sensitivity of human beings vastly surpasses machines. Her heightened awareness is an example of what is possible and indicates the direction for us to grow fully as individuals, and compassionate caregivers. She teaches that the instrument we most need to develop is ourselves, and she teaches us how to realize this.

Larry Dossey, M.D. Author: Healing Beyond the Body, Rejuvenating Medicine, and Healing Words, etc. : Michal Levin is a national treasure.

Debbie Ford Author: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Spiritual Divorce, etc. : Michal Levin's 'Meditation' can help all of us move further along on our journeys of self­discovery and spiritual insight.

James Redfield Author: Celestine Prophecy : Michal Levin is one of the world's foremost teachers of energy ­ sensing, interpreting, and working with energy. When you learn from her and practice her wisdom, you open the doors to soul and spirit, and develop your multiple ways of knowing. Michal's also a superb intuitive mentor for your personal guidance and growth. Her skills, insight, and integrity are extraordinary.

Andrew Cohen, Spiritual Teacher : The Pool of Memory is a truly extraordinary account of the unsought spiritual and psychic awakening of Michal Levin. She describes with captivating detail how the doors of perception spontaneously opened within her own inner eye, revealing worlds glimpsed by only a few. Surprisingly rational and often skeptical, even of her own deepest adventures, she is a rare and trustworthy guide into the most profound mysteries of the human experience.


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