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Michal Levin's MIM monthly intuitive message

Healing Energy

"My Intuitive Message is a monthly message that I write to guide you and act as your compass for the month ahead. It is also a way for me to send healing energy to you. It is not simple, but I think you'll be surprised at what it says to you - often something different to each person - and what it can do for you"

Around the 17th of each month Michal records and publishes a timely intuitive message to Institute members and subscribers. It is a powerful tool to help you approach the month ahead in the most productive way possible.

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The Monthly Intuitive Message is a poem that is specially crafted to help you line up with the energy and vibrations of the month ahead. You can read it or, even better, listen to it, over and again through the month.

Listening to the MIM often through the month might stimulate your creativity, deepen your meditation and open you up to possibilities you were not even aware of before.

It can help with problem solving or simply provide you with an opportunity to connect with Michal for clarity and a little extra strength.

Michal sends healing energy to everyone who receives the MIM.

The Sunday LinkUp is a weekly opportunity for us all to connect with each other, wherever we happen to be in the world. We "meet" every Sunday at 8pm UK time by sitting where we are, quietly, and listening to the MIM.

Open to all subscribers of the MIM, it offers the opportunity to connect with each other "virtually", to listen to and contemplate Michal's message and guidance with the support of the wider group.

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A glimpse of this month's MIM:

Pause 17th May 2018

A pause lulls my senses,

A waterfall of wisteria

Lifts my spirits in

A tangle of pale lilac and a deeper mauve.

I recall a sunlit garden

A sense of time stretching ahead....


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