This page is for suggestions from Michal, from you, from the team. We'd like to share any suggestions any of us have found helpful. It isn't limited to any specific area e.g. a good sunscreen is worth sharing, or you may have had to deal with problems and found remedies that work for you, please do share your experience.

Any creative work you'd like to share would be welcome too and any responses to the MIM or to anything else - this is the place to share, email

From Paul

These pictures so reminded me of the MIM this month (April) - maybe before and after?




From Michal

I have been remembering how valuable essential oils can be and recently I've especially enjoyed exploring mixtures that include patchouli oil, that I have previously not had a use for. Please if you want to explore yourself, remember they are very powerful. You only need a tiny amount in your bath or in a massage carrier oil, or in a burner. Have fun!

From Ros

I’ve been listening to ‘Joy of Living – A Tribute to Ewan MacColl’ a lot this month.  It’s a new compilation of some of Ewan MacColl’s songs sung by contemporary musicians.  A friend recommended it to me recently, and for me, the music really seems to touch on the joy and peace of my inner world that Michal talked about in the MIM.    I find the songs really cheering even when they are quite poignant.  They make me feel more connected to everyone.  The ‘earthiness’ of them is somehow very grounding.  It’s nice that the love that the musicians have for the man and the music seems to shine through each track.  There are some lovely stories behind some of the songs too.

From Paul

As the season changes. I have felt my energy gently but profoundly move.



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