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"My aim is to enable everyone who works or connects with me, whether in a group, or on my course, Michal Levin: The Soul's Path, or in one-to-one intuitive readings, to grow to be the best they can be. That's your most empowered, creative, authentic, joyful self, for your own good, and for the good of the whole".

I hope you find all you need here, but if not, please contact me and I will be happy to help: Michal@Michal.uk.com

Or my team would be pleased to hear from you team@michallevininstitute.com

I look forward to connecting with you and offering whatever I can to you, for the benefit of your Soul, your journey, and your joy.

"My friend Michal Levin is a guide to the ultimate secret, the secret of who and what you truly are ... in the deepest, highest, part of you." -  Ken Wilbur, Author, Philosopher, USA

Upcoming in 2018

The Advanced Mind Body Spirit Workshop - Join me in Jordan - October 26th & 27th 2018. For more info

Heal Yourself, Heal our World -  Wednesday, September 12th 2018 - A special conference call with me, the first of a series of four, dedicated to healing. Sign up for the series and you have the opportunity to take my online course - The Soul's Path - at a 40% reduced rate. Learn more and join here

Leap Chakra Meditation Training 2018 - Join me and learn my special energy clearing meditation.  Part 2 on 8th September (London). Learn more here

Retreat with Michal in Normandy,  June 13th - 17th 2019 - For more info


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